Sponsor a Home

fam7Building homes is the reason Build a Miracle was started. We just couldn’t stand the thought of people living in poverty, entire families sleeping in the same bed with a dirt floor, children being cold a night and not having running water in their home. And they live only minutes away from us! We have often thought that had things been different, we could have been the ones born in a shack with no hope for our future.

If you would like to sponsor, or help sponsor, a home we’d love to help you do that. Each person or group who sponsors a home, will be given a specific family. Then you can either raise funds for the family or send a check for the entire home if you are able. We will send you before and after pictures of the families and their home as soon as we are done building it. If you would like to come and help build the home or gather others to help you build, we can set that up too. Just let us know what works for you.

Each home costs $10,000 – $12,500 for materials

If you want to try fundraising for a home, here are some ideas:
  • greenygather family and friends to help share the costs – 4 people can pay or raise $2500 each
  • speak at your church services, office, or any other group about building a home
  • if you have a group or organization, that has 40 member, they would only need to raise $250 each, or 100 members could raise $100 each, etc.
  • send emails and letters with pictures of the family you are raising funds for to everyone you know asking if they would like to help in your endeavors
  • have garage sales, bake sales, email campaigns
  • check out the fundraising success stories below and the sample videos