Specific Needs


Donate material for our ladies to sew into Aprons or bags


Support Nidia’s breakfast club that feeds breakfast to hungry children on their way to school – for $1 a meal


Help expand our library at the Community Center

We have started a small library for the kids to check out books and bring them home to read. If you would like to help, you can donate toward books in or bring SPANISH books on a build day.


Purchase furniture for the next family and learn about them at our gofundme site


Donate to help build a home for the next family and learn about them at our gofundme site


Help sell our aprons at your churches, stores or other organizations

The money raised from every apron sold goes directly back to the ladies who made them to help provide for their families.
This is a gift that you would give these women who have worked so hard to learn to sew and now are hoping to earn money doing it. Email us if you are interested in doing this and we will get you aprons and bags to sell


Help Mari Maldonado receive her college degree.

Mari is a single mom with 2 beautiful daughters who live in house #63.  She completed her high school education at our community center and now she is getting her Pharma-biochemical engineering degree.

She has to work to support her family  and her only option has been to work the night shift, so she works from 6:00 pm until 6:00 am  and then goes to school from 7:00 am until 2 or 3 in the afternoon every day. Her dream is to be able to help people fighting diseases and is extremely thankful for the opportunity to do so. She has never complained about this and never asked for help. She just feels blessed to have the opportunity. Our goal is to get 10 people to donate $50 a month while she is in college to cover her living expenses and then she could work 20 – 25 hours each week in the community center. This would help us better be able to serve all the people in the community and allow her to sleep every night and go to the university during the day.