Goods Made by Our Families

Custom Baby Wipe Cases

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Tote / Beach Bags

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Every product in this shop was made by ladies in Mexico struggling to find ways to feed their families. They lived in shacks on a dusty Tijuana hillside until they became involved with our charity, “Build A Miracle”. Here, they were given a new home and a new life. Part of their new life was to learn a trade in order to be able to provide for their families. These ladies have worked so hard and learned to sew and do an amazing job. They have lovingly made aprons, bags, and baby wipe cases. 100% of the profit goes straight to them. There are no overhead costs or salaries. American Volunteers work to get materials to the ladies and to sell their products.100% of your donation will support a family in Mexico struggling to survive.

Each item includes a short biography of the woman who handcrafted it.

Thank you and God Bless You!

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