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What a Difference – Look at the 2 pictures of this family

The first is from the day we met them standing in front of their shack and the second picture is 6 months after living in their new home! The mother doesn’t even look like the same person.Here you can really see the difference your donations make. Your gifts change lives and give these families hope and confidence

Success Stories

Selene’s Success Story


As told by her sponsor Jack – Selene Romero grew up in Build a Miracle house #68. When she came into my life in 2007, she was living in poverty and had no hope for a better life. Her family eventually got a BAM house and even had an extra room for her to study in. The Lord touched my heart to have a college graduate from a BAM house and so I asked if I could sponsor her since she had just finished high school. In a few years, she graduated with a degree in psychology. With a little encouragement, she pursued a masters degree which she received in May,2013. She is now married to Rodrigo, who is an engineer and a wonderful husband to her. They have two sons. Words cannot describe what she has meant to her community. She counsels every Saturday and conducts seminars on parenting, avoiding drugs and other important issues. She is a huge role model for the young people in El Florido. To this day, she and I have an amazing relationship.

Adrian and Anahi’s Success Story


Adrian from house #147 told us one day that he was born poor, his father was born poor, and that he assumed that his children would be poor. His kids would cry at night because they were cold and couldn’t be comforted. They were sick all the time. It occurred to us that for him to assume that his 4 children would one day live in a home with running water, would be the same as for us to assume that our children would one day live in a shack where they would not have running water. The home provided to this family has changed their lives. They are warm and safe and dry. Thanks to your generous donations, the children rarely get sick and Adrian no longer assumes that his children will be poor when they grow up.

The Sanchez Family Success Story


Pedro and Lidia live in House #170. Pedro earned about $300 a month collecting cardboard and recycling it. He was really interested in starting his own business and approached us with the idea of selling rice, beans and diapers at the local swap meets. He took care of all the necessary paperwork and we gave him $1,000 to buy tables and a shade structure. He used the remaining money to buy inventory and now he sells several days a week. He is so proud and excited about his business and is better able to provide for the 7 people in his family.



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